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 Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Study on charitable donations is flawed -  3/3/2007
The Intuit study on the stingiest cities when it came to giving to charities ranked Buffalo as second worst behind San Antonio, Texas. Intuit owns Turbo Tax, the tax preparation software.

Temperatures have fluctuated for ages -  3/3/2007
Global warming? I have recently reread "The Greenlanders" by history writer Jane Smiley on the settling of that land. The book describes how the Danes from Iceland and Denmark colonized Greenland in the 12th century.

Brady has some nerve mocking out Buffalo -  3/2/2007
As a proud resident, I was let down by yet another jab at Buffalo, this time by Parade magazine's James Brady. I felt it unnecessary for a fluff artist to comment on anything outside of his norm, specifically writing rubbish to help some celebrity push his current project while making that celebrity seem like he's one of us.

City can help residents by enforcing living wage -  3/2/2007
What a disgrace for Buffalo Council Member Bonnie Russell to act as a cheerleader for Rural Metro Ambulance at the last Council meeting. For her to use the four people who just finished their training at Rural Metro as an example of the type of job creation scheme Buffalo wants is outrageous.

Closing St. Joseph is a terrible mistake -  3/2/2007
The News article about Erie County's plan to prepare for a flu pandemic makes me wonder again about the wisdom of closing hospitals, especially efficient, up-to-date ones like St. Joseph. One doctor I spoke with called the action "criminal."

Dogs should always be kept on a leash -  3/2/2007
If the two Labrador retrievers recently killed by coyotes in the Southern Tier were properly leashed and not running at large, this would never have happened. Human presence is a strong deterrent to wildlife/domestic animal confrontations. This is not a case where the owner and leashed dogs were strolling through suburbia and were attacked by coyotes. This is a case where, while their owner was cross-country skiing in a wildlife area, uncontrolled dogs met a tragic end.

Libraries could be used as satellite DMV offices -  3/2/2007
Recently, The News ran an article about the declining use of our county libraries as more and more people are using electronic alternatives like the Internet. Why not consider using some of the county's libraries for other purposes?

Many issues need to be addressed by Catholics -  3/2/2007
As someone who has attacked legalized abortion in letters to The News and elsewhere, I disagree with the writer who criticized the "seamless garment" approach of some Catholic theologians to moral issues. Derived from the Gospel of John, the metaphor is meant to embrace the seamless garment of recent Catholic moral and social teachings. It is a beautiful and very Catholic use of Scripture.

Clinton and Obama are awful candidates -  3/1/2007
During the Vietnam War, our brave soldiers came back and were called baby killers and were spat upon. No big deal was made by liberal Democrats that Bill Clinton was a draft dodger, but now the liberals are saying that you must have military service. That is, until their top candidates became Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Homeowners need help repairing old water lines -  3/1/2007
Last summer, I had to replace the water line from the street to the basement, which had been slowly leaking for a long time. The News recently reported that some lines date back to the mid-1850s, and the plumber told me the lines were very old. Since I have had the work done, two other houses (in a six-month period) have also had to have their water lines repaired. It cost me $2,100, and I feel the city should have paid for the repair or at least part of it. It would not.

Many people find clutter overwhelming -  3/1/2007
The Jan. 30 My View mentioned an article about national "Get Organized" month. In her column, the author humorously declared that "a little bit of clutter never hurt anyone."

Municipalities should be clearing snowy sidewalks -  3/1/2007
As a property owner, I find myself with a feeling of being victimized and enslaved by the unjust demand of municipalities to require me to keep the sidewalks in front of my properties clear.

Teens who hit teacher don't belong in school -  3/1/2007
Imagine that you are at work in your office with a colleague when six young adult males, after starting a fight with another young man, injure you when you try to intervene. Well, that is what happened to a Buffalo teacher.

Welfare isn't supposed to be lifelong assistance -  3/1/2007
I want to comment on the letter that said people on welfare should be subject to random drug tests. I couldn't agree more. I have to take random tests at work, as do a lot of people at their jobs, so people on the system should be required to take random tests before they get their "paycheck" too.

Albright-Knox is right to seek new acquisitions -  2/28/2007
I am writing to support Director Louis Grachos and the board of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in their decision to expand the collections of contemporary art.

Community's safety must be top priority -  2/28/2007
Referring to the Feb. 19 News article, "Idea of closing prisons stirs controversy upstate," the notion of closing prisons by the Spitzer administration needs to stir debate! While I agree it is time for change, it should be done with a bird's-eye view into the problems.

Cutting Medicaid hurts nursing home residents -  2/28/2007
Reading Gov. Eliot Spitzer's proposed budget cut in Medicaid to nursing homes made me upset. Currently, nursing homes experience overhead and staffing shortages. Any cut in Medicaid would certainly put the residents in jeopardy.

Inability to understand free speech is troubling -  2/28/2007
The Feb. 25 letter from the daughter of Hungarian immigrants, who displayed her tenuous grasp of principles of freedom of speech, was disheartening. If we cannot teach our values to the children of immigrants, how can we expect to impose those values by conquest and occupation on alien cultures?

Priest's column displays his respect for all people -  2/28/2007
When I read Father Art Smith's My View, my first thought was what a kind, caring priest he must be, even though I've never met him. I think something that is lacking in today's society is respect. His views of the Catholic Church showed that he has that respect for everyone in today's society.

Spitzer must take lead on health care reform -  2/28/2007
I believe health care is a basic human right. New York State's health care system is at an inflection point. The magnitude of the health care liability to our state's finances is enormous and growing without corresponding increases in well-being. It's been said: "Only Nixon could go to China." The contemporary corollary of our age may be: "Only Spitzer can fix New York State's troubled health care delivery system."

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